Mounted Units & Inserts

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Mounted-unit inserts have a stainless steel composition designed to withstand the aggressive cleaning and corrosive environments found within the food-processing industry. The Corrosion Resistant series offers similar solid-base construction to the NTN Ultra-Class™ line, meaning excellent mount stability and impact resistance.



Mounted bearings, sometimes called bearing units or bearing blocks, have a bearing installed in a housing to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing. They are face or surface mounted in applications where the shaft is perpendicular to the unit. Bearing inserts are used to replace worn or damaged bearings in an existing bearing housing.Mounted Units & Inserts. Bearings Limited carries the complete Tritan Line of ball bearing pillow blocks, flanges and take-up units.



These come in a wide variety of configurations and materials, including cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic and nickel-plated. As well Bearings Limited carries FSQ and Tritan split housing (plummer blocks) and adapters.




AMI UCNFL206-19MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

HMV 40 E 177.8 mm
250 mm 29 mm

AMI UCNFL207-22MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

700 mm 4200 kN
1430 kN 1650 kN

AMI UCNFL207-23MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

50 mm 2 mm
0.04 kg H7 m/s

AMI UCNFL206-20MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

60 mm H7
51 mm 0.15

AMI UCNFL205-16MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

4800 r/min 99.5 mm
30.7 kN ECY 208

AMI UCNFL208-24MZ20RFCB Mounted Units & Inserts

250 mm 3 mm
280 mm 30 mm

AMI UCNFL201-8MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

9 mm 460 kg
5 mm 450 mm

AMI UCNFL204-12MZ20RFCEB Mounted Units & Inserts

795,000 N 1,600 rpm
360 mm 72 mm

AMI MUCFC212TC Mounted Units & Inserts

3100 r/min 88.9 mm
144.463 mm 65.484 mm

AMI 210CCB Mounted Units & Inserts

1.1 mm 14.0
1.7 mm 10,000 rpm

AMI MUCFC211TC Mounted Units & Inserts

620 kN 3200 r/min
6 mm 4.5 mm

AMI 204CCO Mounted Units & Inserts

22317 E 222.25 mm
100.025 mm TER 109